Newton's Third Principle:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

We embrace Newton’s Third Principle.

Third Principle builds brands that elicit reactions, generate interest and get noticed.


A brand is much more than a logo. It is a promise. We build brands that reflect the personality and tone of the organization.

Strategic Planning

We breath the best practices in developing comprehensive plans. Our ability to engage participants in the process sets us apart.

Web Design + Development

Websites are the cornerstone of digital presence. We design and develop sites that are as powerful as they are pretty.

Data Visualization

Whether you need to put your data on a map or simply make it more intuitive, we design data so that it can drive decision making.

Professional Imagery

We deliver a toolbox of imagery that our clients can utilize–putting a face and feel to the personality and vision of their brand.

The Art of Print

We create print collateral that holistically supports organizations. Print is a powerful tool to differentiate and connect brands.

Solving your problem

We’ll be honest and say when we don’t know something. We are confident, though, that we will always be able to go out and find the answer. Third Principle is about finding solutions. This comes through whether we are conducting a market analysis, coding something special, or creating something new.

Finding the balance

We have a special brew we often recommend to our clients. We’re almost certain that you have heard of it before: Less is More.  The solution to many problems is to get out of the way. Your product, if produced and packaged well, can shine based on its own capacity. We’ll help you find what you do and don’t need to succeed.

Getting 'things' done

We purposefully have a small team and rely on word of mouth advertising. This means that each project we take on is something we have to nail. We don’t take it lightly if our clients are completely satisfied. We show up to our weekly meetings with a stack of deliverables and make sure projects are ahead of schedule and in-line with expectations.

Jeff Ambs

Managing Partner

Alex Cortes

Creative Director

Dan Powell

Lead Developer

"Third Principle is truly gifted in getting to the essence of what a brand stands for - our entire organization was impressed by the results."

− Eric Kornacki, Re:Vision

"Third Principle has a unique talent for finding clarity and direction in situations that appear to have none."

− Jose Esparza, BuCu West

"It truly was amazing to me how much material we were able to get through and the concrete conclusions we are able to achieve. "

− Barbara Boyer, A3

"When I came to Third Principle all I knew is that I wanted to help people. They helped me develop a program and a brand to make that possible"

− George Curtis, Zoetic

"I'm still surprised Third Principle was able to build us such a kick ass site in 2 weeks."

− Ryan Meloy, Shift Workspaces