Our Approach

Action> Reaction> Connection!

We help you plan, brand, speak, look and feel relevant and valuable to your audiences. Here’s how:

Brand Development

We love branding. Why? Because your brand is your future. Of all the things you own, nothing is as important. Nothing’s as valuable. Nothing’s as enduring. Your brand enables your organization to attract and retain the best talent, leverage competitive opportunities, increase economic value and become an industry leader.

Industries and competition evolve. Technology becomes obsolete. Copyrights and proprietary procedures go into the public domain, and patents expire.

But one thing never expires…a brand. Your brand. Your brand lives on.  

Strong brands are strategically deployed, meeting audiences where they reside.

Brand deployment illustration

Every client is unique, yet every strong brand has three vital characteristics.

Working with clients across various industries, sectors, and geographies is the fuel that drives our engines. Each client engagement is unique and each brand has its own promise. However, our brand development process employs a series of tools to create strong, enduring brands that serve as a foundation for growth. Working alongside the client and their customers, we distill the essential characteristics of a strong brand–conviction, connection, and consistency–and bring them to life.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning drives clarity in positioning, purpose, deliverables, and desired outcomes. As organizations evolve and new members join the board and staff, the overall direction can become clouded. It happens to the best of organizations. Our planning process creates unwavering certainty in the organization, at all levels. We help you define your audiences and articulate your benefits. Coupled with specific and time-based tactics, Third Principle ensures that you have a roadmap for impact.

planning session at whiteboard

 Whiteboard Engineering

A strategic planning session with BuCu West helped them launch several game-changing programs, enhancements and improvements to the Morrison Road corridor in Denver.

…the achievements flow up, from the team to the big-picture goals.

Less is more.

The strategic plan is a tool  most useful when clear, concise and easy to use. Third Principle adopts an Objectives and Key Results model that is very straightforward and creates alignment and engagement around measurable goals.

Objectives: What you want to accomplish provided in a brief, inspiring and time-bound manner

Key Results: How the progress toward the objectives will be measured.

One of the keys to the OKR model is connecting the strategic plan to employees achievements. This alignment in mindset ensures that  achievements flow up, from the team to the big-picture goals.



Finely crafted messaging brings your mission and impact into sharp focus both internally and externally. But, like any good tool, messaging may become dull or blurry over time and need sharpening. When your internal team is not in unison, outside stakeholders are going to be equally out of step.

We’ll work with your staff and board to create clarity in direction and messaging. The sessions are participatory, fun, and enlightening for everyone involved. The renewed focus is a boost of energy for any organization that struggles to clearly convey what they do and why.

Messaging matrix

All Your Messaging in One Place

The messaging matrix provides a singular, easy-to-use reference document identifying the audiences, objective, and specific messages to convey. 

Finely crafted messaging brings your mission and impact into sharp focus

Notre Dame School of Architecture – Evolving a Classic 

Notre Dame School of Architecture is the only school in the nation that primarily teaches a classical curriculum. As such, they are often unfairly judged and misunderstood. Third Principle has been working with NDSoA on its positioning, audience identification, and messaging.

Graphic Design

Beautiful and compelling design, for print or digital, elevates credibility, consistency, and engagement. It can bring your brand to life, whether through a complete identity redesign or with visually and tactilely stunning print pieces that boost your organization’s credentials. Our job is to make sure you are putting your best foot forward, and that you look as good as you are!

Undergraduate Admissions brochures oackage
Lecture Series poster
BuCu Annual Report spread

 Ahh, the smell of the ink!

From nested brochures, to posters, to annual reports and everything in between, there are unlimited ways to deliver your message to your audiences through print. The tactile experience… the easy-on-the-eyes readability… the way a print piece stays in your vision, unlike a bookmark in your browser.

Sometimes it’s about freshening up the classics.

Notre Dame School of Architecture needed print to speak to its prospective student audience with color, images and messaging that would resonate. Through design we bridged the gap between the classics and a modern approach to them.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.—Paul Rand

Web Design & Development

Your website should engage viewers, convey your impact, facilitate donations, and be as great on mobile as it is on desktop. Our collaborative process guides development of your site, email and social campaigns starting with conceptual planning, wire-framing and finally the build and deployment. Our support doesn’t end when the website is launched; we provide ongoing hosting and maintenance support so your website continues to operate as smoothly as you do.

website planning at whiteboard
scrolling graphic of Mile High Workshop's new website

In web design, removing obstacles is at least as important as offering a path.

Business is always looking for supporting services, and they should be easy to find. For the Mile High Workshop, their site wasn’t making it as intuitive and seamless as it ought to be. We restructured the site and redesigned the visuals to get what was needed up front and center.

…engage your viewers, convey your impact, facilitate donations and be as great on mobile as you are on desktop.

ADA Accessibility

Providing a web experience for those with disabilities not only assures compliance with the Web Content Accessibility requirements, but is also the right thing to do. We can help you put in place ADA compliant tolls that provide perceivable and operable solutions to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Developing ADA compliant websites include:

  • ​Text alternatives for non-text content
  • Created content that can be presented in multiple ways, including by assistive technologies
  • Text that is easily readable and understandable
  • Keyboard navigation for the visually-impaired
  • Screen reader technology 
  • Content that is safe for those with seizure triggers

​We have developed sites for charter schools and government that support the blind and visually-impaired. 

scrolling website mockup gif for Colorado Charter Schools Institute
scrolling website mockup gif for Strive Prep
Visually-impaired person using braille keyboard

Supporting Children, Parents, and Administrators

Strive Preparatory Schools and the Colorado Charter School Institute needed to update their online presence to connect with the students and administrators but also to comply with the ADA standards. Third Principle designed and developed websites that not only reflect the unique cultures of the organizations but engage and invite users to explore their schools.  striveprep.org  csi.state.co.us

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. –Tim Berners-Lee

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Back end management of your site is crucial, and not always intuitive. We can support hosting, migration, security and maintenance so you can concentrate on your mission.

planning session at whiteboard

…The best error message is the one that never shows up.
–Thomas Fuchs

Don’t worry. We have you covered.

We can handle everything behind the scenes, including migration of your site to dedicated WPengine servers. WPengine hosting is built especially for WordPress. They provide better performance, more dedicated resources, and a higher degree of overall security.

As part of the migration, we’ll also consolidate your domain name registration and domain name servers (DNS) onto one platform, so that everything is managed in one place and all of your renewals are automatically taken care of.

Your site will be upgraded to a secure HTTPS connection to improve website security, trust, and search friendliness, and will have built-in server-side security to prevent attacks and security breaches. If the site goes down or something goes wrong, we’ll see it and we’ll fix it.