We Build Connections.

Sir Isaac Newton

“ To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction...”


As Newton’s third principle states, every action causes a reaction. We certainly embrace that namesake. At Third Principle, we cause reactions that build connections.

Our brand-building process leverages your unique competitive advantage and the human qualities that inspire those connections. Expressed boldly and creatively, your brand will be memorable, meaningful and valuable.

What can we do for you?

Brand Development

Effective branding translates your organization’s internal roadmap into an engaging, memorable and trusted experience for your audience!

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning drives clarity in positioning, purpose, deliverables, and desired outcomes. Ensure that you have a roadmap for impact!



Succinctly and effectively convey what you do, and why. A finely crafted message brings your mission and impact into sharp focus!

Graphic Design

Beautiful and compelling design elevates credibility, consistency, and engagement. You should look as good as you are!

Web Development and Accessibility

Your website should engage all viewers, promote your mission and be as great on mobile as it is on desktop! Supporting those with disabilities assures WCA compliance and inclusivity. 

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Back end management of your site is crucial, and not always intuitive. We can support hosting, migration, security and maintenance so you can concentrate on your mission.

Here's some of our recent work.

We excel at helping organizations with their strategies towards success and growth via creative and agile branding, messaging and design.

We are a team.

 We work as a team with our clients to visualize and achieve their goals, combining our individual skills into an agile, thoughtful and adaptive process of collaboration.

Jeff Ambs

Jeff Ambs, Managing Director


Jeff brings over 25 years of experience in growing nonprofits, strategic planning, building brands, and creating programs that move people to action. A skilled strategist and facilitator, Jeff loves working with teams to uncover their core values and drive organization clarity and direction. He received his Masters in Business Administration from Michigan State University and was a participant in the Denver Foundation’s Asset Based Community Development training program.

Barbara Kolb

Barb Kolb, Creative Director


Barb’s focus over the past two+ decades has been on enhancing and facilitating the delivery of information via compelling, engaging graphic design and illustration. Areas of expertise include higher education, cultural organizations, and nonprofits. Whether through web or print, she strives to create rich, clear, intuitive visuals that communicate and inspire curiosity. 

Let's connect!

Let's connect!