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Chile Fest

Chile Fest is an annual one-day event in Westwood that celebrates Hispanic culture, with a strong focus on authentic food and the arts. The event started in 2010 as a neighborhood gathering and primarily attended by local residents. In 2017, Third Principle was brought in to help elevate the festival to a bigger celebration of Hispanic Culture. We created a business plan to attract visitors from across Metro Denver and formalize the key activities, vendor mix, and sponsorship levels.

A brand identity was created, along with key collateral to tie the experience together: signage, street banners, website, sponsorship packages, etc.


Chile Fest attendees in ethnic costume

Bring the Heat

Recognized as the best neighborhood festival in 2019 by Westword magazine, Chile Fest has become a can’t-miss celebration of Hispanic culture, vibrant art, and authentic food.

“We knew Chile Fest had the potential to be a showcase for the Westwood neighborhood and were looking for support to help evolve it from a neighborhood potluck, to a community celebration.

Third Principle took the time to listen to our situation and understand the what makes the Westwood neighborhood so special. The plan provided a roadmap for us to use and the key talking points to connect with sponsors.

Last, we placed an emphasis on creating a visual identity that reflects the bright, colorful culture of this wonderful neighborhood. The Westwood Chile Fest has become the cornerstone celebration of the Hispanic culture in metro Denver. “

–Jose Esparza

Executive Director, BuCu West

Chile Fest website design
Chile Fest logos

Fire, Food and City

Logos for this vibrant annual festival illustrate its rich, multi-faceted personality.

Chile Fest banners

Fly that Flag

Strategic brand placement within its community provides daily and contextual reminders of the value and excitement it brings.

Chile Fest Report

The Plan

The business plan provids the roadmap for event activities, vendors, and ultimately sponsorship options and benefits. All proceeds from the event are reinvested into the community.