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The Dolores River Restoration Partnership

Desert rivers are key to economic vitality and healthy communities in the southwest United States. The Dolores River Restoration Partnership is an exemplary example of a public/private partnership working to restore rivers and protect these vital resources. The Walton Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Bureau of Land Management partnered together to remove invasive species and restore the rivers to their natural habitat.

The first phase consisted of hiring teams of seasonal workers to physically remove the invasive tamarisk and restoring the habitat. This phase concluded and the management and care for the rivers needed to transition to the communities, private landowners, and visitors who depend upon the Dolores for their livelihood and enjoyment. Third Principle was brought in to audit the brand and develop a communication plan that connects the partnership’s goals with the local stewards who will continue to see the Dolores flourish. 

Delores River

“When we engaged with the Dolores River Restoration Partnership, they were in the middle of a significant transition. For years, they had been physically transforming the river through tough, physical work employing large teams throughout the year. Moving forward, the maintenance and stewardship of the river needed to transition to the communities that depend upon the river and the tourists that enjoy its beauty. 

We evolved the brand to be more welcoming and friendly, designing collateral at key community touchpoints: the city chamber of commerce offices, local schools, community centers, hiking, and rafting waypoints, and directly to local landowners.”

–Jeff Ambs

Managing Director, Third Principle

DRRP logos, before and after

A Friendlier, Welcoming Mark

Third Principle worked with the partnership to develop a logo that more warmly and descriptively represents the vital waterway to everyone who values it so highly. Below, the new mark is supported by a brand guide, and graces letterhead, report cover, and poster.

Various print pieces for DRRP

The Big Picture

Below, Third Principle created a Brand and Communications Report which was fueled by an audit of the partnership’s communication efforts, recommendations moving forward, and strategy across all key brand touchpoints. 

DRRP Brand and Communications Report