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Notre Dame School of Architecture

Third Principle has supported the Notre Dame School of Architecture for over two years, rebranding the school to reflect a more balanced curriculum. We employed our branding process; analyzing the competitors, speaking with key internal and external stakeholders and conducting a branding workshop. The result, a new positioning for the school and strategic messaging framework for each audience. We are updating all their marketing collateral both in print and digital to reflect the new positioning.

person photographing Wash Hall with smartphone

“I have been very pleased to work with Third Principle on a new strategic messaging initiative for the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. Jeff and his team have been great about working within the parameters of the wider university brand standards while helping the school specifically find our own voice as a unique entity within the university brand. I appreciate Third Principle’s process of engaging the School’s stakeholders. It was a mix of structure which we needed to make progress, and flexibility, which is so often required in academic units. I look forward to working with Third Principle again.”

–Mary Beth Zachariades

Communications Program Director, Notre Dame School of Architecture

Undergraduate Admissions brochures oackage

Fresh Welcome for Prospective Students

The School of Architecture needed a fresh, consolidated and on-brand print package to welcome prospective students. Imagery, color and unique folding were used to create a truly architectural experience.

Lecture Series poster

Poster-worthy Walsh Family Hall

The crowning glory of the School, a freshly-renovated Walsh Hall is featured in a poster for the 2020 Lecture Series.

Notre Dame School of Architecture home page design

Website Restructure & Design

The School’s website needed some restructuring and a faceleft for the landing page. Third Principle clarified the site’s navigation and restyled the landing page to better reflect the School’s personality, while honoring the university’s brand guidelines.

Undergraduate poster

Build It and They Will Come

Third Principle designed this freshman welcome poster to convey the exciting experiences ahead in a fresh, on-brand way that speaks specifically to younger people.