Designing Accessible Websites for Everyone

Web Design & Development

Strive Prep/CCSI

Strive Prep operates 11 schools across Metro Denver and the Colorado Charter Schools Institute (CCSI) is the statewide authorizer supporting over 15,000 children across 23 towns in the state.

Both institutions needed to update their online presence to support the children and their families and, in the case of CCSI, deliver timely documents to schools to ensure compliance. In addition, the websites needed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act providing site access for people with disabilities.

Third Principle designed and developed websites that connect with parents to convey the options for their children, support school administrators and bring the unique culture of both organizations to life. Importantly, users with disabilities are able to navigate and access the sites as well.

Boy at desk
Strive website before and after

Less Cluttered, Friendlier Access

Content was reorganized and presented more intuitively, with plenty of welcoming imagery and support for disabled visitors.

scrolling website mockup gif for Strive Prep
CCSI website before and after

A Complete Facelift and Easy-to-Find Content

Streamlining of the document delivery pipeline was engineered, along with an updated, fresh look and feel for all visitors.

scrolling website mockup gif for Colorado Charter Schools Institute